As our preacher, Rev. Malcolm Lorimer, was indisposed, others in our congregation rose to the occasion. Sue Fox welcomed us and Rod Smith played the organ. Ron Lucas led prayers of thanksgiving for the Trinity, confessing our failings and a desire to grow in unity and peace. We repeated the Lord’s Prayer. Before the offering Neil Barnett invited us to read together the hymn Think of a world without any flowers, thanking God for his Creation, salvation and love. Norma Buckley read from Genesis 2 – the Garden of Eden, the trees of life and the knowledge of good and evil. Rod Smith read from Luke 19 – Zacchaeus climbs a tree to see Jesus.

Neil used Rev Malcolm’s notes to present his message. We mourned the Sycamore Gap felled tree yet new shoots appeared – a symbol of resurrection? In the Bible trees are symbols of God’s wisdom and blessings providing shelter and food for many creatures. Jesus used trees in his parables. The cross is a tree central to Christianity. Trees offer provision, choice, redemption, lessons of growth, faithfulness, God’s love and a deeper relationship with Him.

Ron led our prayers of intercession with thanks for our beautiful country, for our fellowship here and prayed for world leaders, for wisdom in the coming election and for us all to proclaim God’s glory. After our final hymn, Colours of the day, we shared the Grace.