Last Sunday morning, our preacher was the Rev’d Graham Horsley from Oswestry who was welcomed by our steward Keith Harrison. Graham called us to worship and we sang a Charles Wesley hymn “Jesus! The Name High Over All, in hell or earth or sky”, followed by our prayers of praise and adoration.

Our bible reading from Mark, chapter nine was read by Keith Harrison. This was the story of Christ’s transfiguration when he was in a high mountain with Peter, James and John, three of his disciples. As they looked on, a change came over Jesus and his clothes became shining white and the three saw the ancient prophets, Elijah and Moses talking with Jesus. Then a cloud appeared and covered them with it shadow and a voice came from the cloud saying, “This is my own dear Son – listen to him”. As they looked around they did not see anyone else, only Jesus. Jesus implored them not to tell anyone until after his death and resurrection.

After our prayers for others to include prayers for our King and Princess of Wales, Graham asked of us the question “Who on earth is Jesus?” The three disciples were frightened when they saw Jesus transfigured on the mountain. What could they make of it, as here was a man who was bigger than the law of the high priests and the Jewish hierarchy. For our part we have so many pictures of Jesus. We choose the one picture we like and ignore the rest but with Jesus he turns the established way of doing things on its head. We do not have a monopoly of Jesus in the church. He challenged the hierarchy of the church in his time and he challenges us today and he transforms us by his love and he transforms our neighbours. Everyone is lovable to Jesus, and the less lovable people are the more important they are to Jesus.

Graham then led us into the sacrament of Holy Communion and assisted by Jill Harrison, our pastoral steward, we received the bread and wine representing the body and blood of Jesus, thus rounding off a lovely but challenging act of worship.