“The “Gospel of Social Justice” was the theme of our morning’s service last Sunday, led by Mr Robin Perry of Market Drayton. Margaret Maxwell read some bible verses for the second Sunday in Lent in which Judas demanded money for betraying Jesus for which he was given 30 pieces of silver from those who wish to put Jesus to death. Margaret also warmly welcomed Robin.

Robin read some verses from Psalm 103 as his call to worship “Praise the Lord O my soul”. We sang our opening hymn “Praise my soul , the King of heaven: To his feet thy tribute bring”. We followed with a prayer of praise and adoration. Margaret Maxwell read our morning’s lesson from Matthew, chapter 16 in which asked his disciples “Who do men say that the Son of Man is?” Of the replies he received he alighted on the one from Peter who said, “you are the Messiah, the Son of the living God”, and Jesus made him the rock on which he built his church.

Robin contrasted society’s current rush to embrace social justice, which has been followed in recent times by leading churches. Yet the Christian gospel down the centuries has stood for social justice in all its teachings and actions. When one looks closely at what Jesus said and did during his 33 years of life and three years of ministry it abounds in justice for all ranks and conditions of people, indeed there are many quotations in the bible relating to social issues, such as those relating to the creation and caring for others. The Christian gospel can and will offer something different but at the same time embracing social justice for all. Robin urged us not to go down the path which society offers but to remember God’s plan for all and his all embracing love for humankind. “By Grace we are saved”, said Robin, “and our good works spring from that and let us have a sense of priorities”.