Sunday, 7th January was Epiphany Sunday and we celebrated it with morning worship led by Mr. Robert Williams from Market Drayton. Our steward Keith Harrison warmly welcomed Robert, a frequent visitor to our church. Responding Robert led us into some words from Psalm 72 in which the Psalmist foretells the giving of gifts by Kings and of all Kings falling down before him and all nations doing him service.

We sang a great Charles Wesley Epiphany hymn including the verse “His providence another various year; we all with vows and anthems new before our God appear”. After our prayers of praise and adoration we said the Lord’s prayer, and before our bible readings Robert led us in our prayers for others in this troubled world. Neil Barnett read from Isaiah, chapter 60 in which the prophet tells of the future glory of Jerusalem to which many will come from around the world, bringing God’s people home. The second, read by Jill Barnett, was from Matthew, chapter 12 telling the story of the three wise men from the East who came too worship the infant Jesus bringing their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Robert revisited the account of the three wise men paying homage to Jesus and bringing their gifts from afar. Robert explained this was foretold by the prophet Micah in the Old Testament and the prophecy was fulfilled by the birth of the baby Jesus and by this birth God brought the means of salvation to the world. Although the wise men brought their gifts the most important thing was that they brought themselves and Epiphany is the manifestation of Jesus to the non-Jews, the gentiles, for Jesus is the true King with no limits. “We are special to God”, said Robert, “as are all people, and God’s light is with us and is never extinguished, so may we witness to that light and share the gospel in whatever way we can”.