Steward Sue Fox was pleased to welcome Robert Williams to lead our worship on Sunday. He invited us to read Psalm 95 together: O come let us sing out to the Lord … the rock of our salvation. After our opening hymn, accompanied by Neil & Jill Barnett, Robert led prayers of adoration and confession. Later in prayer Robert acknowledged Jesus as our intercessor remembering all who are suffering worldwide and locally and asking for strength to carry out his will.

Robert based his message on two Bible readings. In Isaiah 5 God is not happy with his vineyard ie Israel. It is neglected and overwhelmed by distress, just like our world today. God sent Jesus, the real vine, the source of goodness, warmth and nurture, providing shelter from adversity, to rescue us. We are the branches nourished by him to produce fruit and share it with those around us. We can receive that nourishment by studying the Bible and discovering Jesus’ unconditional love. Robert prayed for that nurture for us and for our church in serving our community and we shared the Grace together.