Our preacher last Sunday was Paul Savill. He was welcomed by Bunty Hodgkins and began with words from Psalm 66: Shout with joy to God and praise his name. Reflecting on the recent coronation Paul noted that our new king paid homage to the King of kings at the moment of his crowning.

In Acts 17, read to us by Rod Smith, St. Paul talks to the Athenian philosophers on their own terms showing that his true God fills the gaps of their unexplained matters. Today science tries to explain all things yet there are still many unknowns. Astronaut Tim Peake acknowledged the possibility of an intelligent design of the universe. God is present in every situation but not always recognised or glorified.

In John 14, read by Bunty Hodgkins, we learn how Jesus promised to send his Holy Spirit to continue his care and teaching. He promised to be with us, in us and for us. He guides us to the truth. We must reach out to those who do not know him. As with St Paul in Athens some will accept this message but not all.

In prayer we praised our Creator, asked for forgiveness for our transgressions and repeated the Lord’s Prayer. We thanked God for his Holy Spirit. and prayed for the storm victims in Bangladesh and Myanmar and for the sick.