Our preacher on Sunday, Carolyn Lawrence, continued our celebration of Easter with hymns and prayerful thanks for our Saviour’s great sacrifice for our sakes. She began by reading from Psalm 95: “Come let us sing for joy to the Lord…”

After our first hymn, Jesus is Lord, accompanied by Neil and Jill Barnett, Carolyn’s prayers to our Lord Jesus expressed our desire for forgiveness for all that we had thought or done in the past week which was not of his teaching. Keith Harrison read from Luke’s gospel chapter 24 where Jesus shows that his resurrection is a fulfilment of Old Testament scripture. Jill Harrison read from 1 Corinthians 15 where Paul shows how Jesus’ resurrection has destroyed death. Carolyn led prayers for our world, nation, community and families inviting us to name those who concern us.

Carolyn urged us to read the Acts of the Apostles to see how Jesus’ resurrection empowered subsequent events. This power is still in force today. We are free from the fear of death and given hope of a future life. We are free from the power of sin. It can no longer separate us from God. We are free of apathy and idleness. The love of God motivates us to work for the good of others empowered by his Holy Spirit.