Over 50 children, helpers and parents joined in the Family Fun Day on Saturday at Ashley Methodist Church. It was advertised to children attending our two local primary schools and nurseries and it was wonderful to welcome so many for an afternoon of music, games, biscuit decorating and pizza making.

The ecumenical team from AMC and St John’s Ashley, behind “Open The Book”, organised the event and took part in an illustration of the “Visit of the Wise Men”, with all participants suitably attired as the visitors travelling from the East, to present gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh to the newly born Jesus.

The Open The Book team are well known visitors to the children at Hugo Meynell and Mucklestone schools, and it must have been encouraging to their witness to see so many responding by coming out to see them, on a frozen Saturday afternoon.

Thanks go to everyone who was involved in preparing for the event and helping out, it was gratifying to see so many children enjoying the day. The next event, nearer to Easter time, promises to possibly involve a treasure hunt!