In welcoming our preacher for last Sunday’s morning worship, Mr Robert Williams, our steward thanked Mrs Hilary Johnson, who on behalf of our church had received an engraved silver trowel from the local Key family presented to the late Mrs H. Key on 23 April 1931 which she used to lay the chief foundation stone for the Sunday School built 91 years ago as an extension to the church. Mrs Johnson’s husband, Bob, had mounted the silver trowel in a display case on our church entrance porch for which he was thanked.

Robert called us to worship as we read alternate verses of a Psalm of Praise, Psalm 93, and reminding us that next Sunday is the first Sunday in Advent and so his theme was a Celebration of Christ the King. To the accompaniment of Neil and Jill Barnett on organ and piano we began our service with the hymn “O worship the King, all-glorious above. O gratefully sing his power and his love”. Robert led our prayers of Praise and Adoration followed by the Lord’s Prayer.

We had two bible readings, the first from John, chapter 18, read by Bunty Hodgkins describing the time Jesus was brought before Pilate. The second, from Paul’s letter to the Philippians, chapter two, in which Paul writes of Christ’s humility and greatness. We prayed for others remembering the trouble spots in the world and of our own place in it with a desire to do good where we can.

In his sermon, Robert addressed his theme of Celebration reminding us of our journey in the Christian faith. God has been with us on our journey as he is with us now, and his son Jesus brings out the best in us as he inspires us in what we do. We seek to honour him as we do with our earthly King. The good news is that the King remains with us and sustains us in our time of need.