Roy Ellis, our preacher last Sunday, was warmly welcomed by Keith Harrison. Our organists were Neil & Jill Barnett.

Roy called us to worship with words from the Psalms – “Give thanks to the Lord; make known what He has done” and our opening hymn was “Jesus the very thought of Thee with sweetness fills the breast.” Jill Harrison read from 1 Kings 19 – Elijah on Mt Sinai. In prayer Roy gave thanks for God’s power and mercy. He asked for help for strife-ridden parts of the world, for the problems facing our country and for those with health needs.

Roy talked of the experience of being in the wilderness, geographical or spiritual. He recalled three people who found God there. Jacob cheated his brother out of his inheritance but his dream of a stairway to Heaven showed him that God is always present. Moses murdered an Egyptian yet found God in the burning bush. Despite his reluctance God equipped him for His work. Elijah endangered himself by challenging his people to choose the right God. God’s supremacy was proved when Elijah’s sacrificial altar was inflamed. Hiding in the wilderness from the wrath of Baal’s followers Elijah was called by God for a purpose. God never deserts his people. Regardless of our unworthiness he brings love into life. Jesus resisted temptation and bought our freedom with his life.