On Friday evening, 25th March, our church was well supported by friends from the surrounding churches, to share in a splendid evening of music, when Jeremy Meager ARCO, LRSM, of the Cotswold Organ Company, gave us a demonstration and recital on a new organ we had tentatively agreed to purchase to replace our existing church organ which was giving us problems.

Neil Barnett gave everyone a warm welcome and introduced Jeremy, who after a short response gave us a detailed demonstration of the many aspects of the organ which was right up to date with modern digital technology. Jeremy’s range of music played was from JS Bach to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Phantom of the Opera”, and we thrilled to sing the great hymn “Love Divine all Loves Excelling” and the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s “Messiah” both played fortissimo by Jeremy. The singing was sung fortissimo by an appreciative audience.

Lasting an hour, it was an evening of great delight and Jeremy was thanked by Rod Smith to great applause. Church Secretary Ron Lucas made the
proposal that Ashley Methodist Church proceeded to purchase the organ, this proposal was seconded and received unanimous support.

Such a convivial evening was rounded off with tea/coffee and cakes, plus a gift stall run by Jill Barnett, and some £370 was received in donations towards the cost of the new organ.